Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I have spent years going back and forth with myself over whether or not I was interesting enough to start a blog.

I finally decided that even though I find talking to myself somewhat satisfying (picture a big haired girl largely gesturing while driving alone as fellow road users stare on in horror), I would probably benefit more from writing my (better) thoughts down somewhere they could be shared. That way, I can maintain a veneer of sanity but still get that much needed release that comes with being a selectively-extroverted human being. This to me seems like a fair trade off in the long run.

Being a purveyor of all things blog, I have become a seasoned visitor of different blog genres; fashion blogs, lifestyle blogs, technology blogs, photography blogs - you name it, I've stalked it. The first time I ever considered starting a blog was sometime in high school. I remember stumbling upon a Japanese street style blog full of kawaii maids, crazy hairstyles, and links to FRUITS magazine. In all it's Japanophile glory, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Someone, somewhere was posting things that they liked and people were responding positively to it. Sugoi! Wow, amazing!

My excitement may come off a bit exaggerated, but if you had the same high school experience I did you will understand why I was so fascinated by the idea of a person sharing themselves with strangers without being verbally assaulted in return. After dealing with these emotional scars I sustained during high school (lol not really but really), I realized that I was no longer that awkward girl with more limbs than she knew what to do with. I was now a slightly less awkward woman and it was about time the world heard me roar. 

Contrary to popular belief, and by popular I mean just my own, it takes a lot of effort to get a blog up and running (if you can even call one and half posts with a basic template "up and running"). First things first, I had to buy a new laptop. In a TMI turn of events, my laptop was destroyed during a hangout with my ex-boyfriend. He's the only guy in my life who left me with not only a broken heart but also a broken laptop. Being the "You can find me vegging out in bed on any given Saturday"  girl I am, I will never forgive him for this (just kidding, since forgiveness is more for you than the person you are forgiving). I have spent the last a year of my life without a personal laptop, virtually "mobile view" bound. I almost cried with joy when I saw Facebook's web version for the first time in what seemed like a lifetime.

Thankfully, he left my heart in much better shape.
I knew that after mentally committing to this blog journey, I would have to start "doing". Stat. So of course it took me over a month to finally get the ball rolling. Last month, I teamed up with my insanely talented friend Janette [] to start a blog that we both co-run []. Last week, I went to the Apple store after work and dropped some $$$ on a new laptop. Then, I found an old(er) camera my dad gifted to me about a year ago, begged him to search our home in Nigeria for the charger and bring it with him on his next trip stateside.

With all this being said, and it's much more than I initially set out to say (sorry), I know I am barely beginning my journey. Getting here was a struggle, but I'm hoping this turns out to be a place where I can share myself with you all. And if, because of me, one person is inspired to start doing something they have always wanted to do, then yeah, it was definitely worth it.

Monday, August 26, 2013


Whoever said it was easy to start a blog, lied.