Monday, August 25, 2014

Everywhere, TX

Sooner or later, everything starts to look the same.

I've said it before (click here) and I'll say it again; I love living in Texas. I've been spending more time exploring Houston, attempting to quell the urge to just pack up and move. For so many years, I believed everywhere in Texas was the same. Each city I visited was Everywhere, TX - boring, country, and flat. Lately, I've been trying my very best to pay attention to sights that can be easily missed. I drive by this beautifully minimalist building on the way to my favorite fabric store. This weekend, on the back from visiting the cutest flower shop with friends, I decided to stop and take a couple photos. I have no idea where the giant arrow points to (I'm assuming it's to the studios, urh duhr) but the eye catching design has tempted me to drive in the wrong direction on that one way street.

If you live somewhere for too long, things can start to look the same. It isn't until you stop going through the motions and begin witnessing the world around you with new eyes that you stop living in Everywhere, TX.

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